How to pack a Non-perishable packed lunch?

How do you pack a non-perishable packed lunch?  Today Tuna needs one. She heads off on a 25 km hike! I know, 25km, yes! You read it right! Not 2.5km but 25km. She is training with the Explorers for an 80km hike in a couple of weekend's time, so in the scheme of things, today is a bit of a bunny hop!
She's nearly 15 now, has quite an appetite so today's packed lunch "food parcel" has to last her all day.
The challenge also is to pack her something healthy, that'll keep her energy levels up, but not slow her down and make her feel lethargic, nor sluggish. The other challenge is to make it non-perishable as she's out all day. So what do you do?

Think high energy, slow release items. Oat bars are good for this.
As I ran out of time to bake oat and raisin cookies, we opted for porridge oats topped with sliced banana, milk, and drizzled with honey for breakfast. So at least she was setting out having had a good breakfast to kick off with!

Think hydration. We packed her a litre of water, a frozen juice carton and a high energy sports drink for that slump she may feel late afternoon.
With all that walking she's bound to sweat a bit, ok "glow" so needs to replenish that, stay alert so she keeps her bearings and also know's where she is!

Think Healthy snacks?
We packed some fruit flakes, yoghurt covered raisins are our favourites - easy to just nibble as you go
Packets of raisins are also good
Banana packed in a banana guard - to keep your banana looking good and bruise free until you're ready to eat it
A "Go ahead" bar, packed with dry cranberries and forest fruit - blueberries too
Twix to give her a burst of energy - ok, that one's not so healthy, but she needed a bit of chocolate!
 A pack of oatcakes, again packed with oats that give that slow release of energy and if you haven't tried them yet, the cheese flavour by Nairns are her favourites!
Chopped up jelly pack - again she can graze on this as she hikes on! (Not sure why, but it was recommended when she competed in regional swimming competitions that she take jelly to snack on)
Chocolate chip brioche - mid afternoon snack

Think healthy packed lunch
We made her a round of cheese sandwiches on wholemeal bread, as they're easy to eat and the hard cheese does not spoil so fast if kept close to the frozen juice carton. Next time I'd rather pack her a mini pasta salad, but it all depends on whether they'll be stopping for a bite or quick snack and carrying on. As it's her first time joining the hike, I felt the speedy sandwich would be the best option!
With peer pressure she took a bag of crisps but in addition I packed some loveheart shaped cheese scones I baked up last night. Again she can snack on this, they're bite sized, and packed with cheddar.

How to stop the packed lunch perishing?
Well we thought of that. We popped in a frozen juice carton, which'll slowly defrost en route, helping keep her sandwiches chilled until she's ready to eat them and give her a chilled drink when she's ready to drink this later this afternoon.

Now I should add that she did tuck into a hearty homemade lasagne and salad last night in preparation for today, as pasta is always good to eat before any kind of extended exercise / activity.
Luckily the sun is now out, so I am sure she'll have an amazing hike and return home exhausted, but invigorated!

So what would you pack in a non-perishable packed lunch that's to last all day?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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