What's for Lunch? Again?

It's difficult I know to always come up with something different for lunch, whether it is for a packed lunch or just eating at home. We can all get stuck creating the same lunches day after day and sometimes even groan about it.

It's important that we still have to stop for lunch, isn't it? Even if we are eating alone with the kids off at school...  Particularly in this cold snap, what can you have that's going to be heart warming, nutritious and help keep you going until the next meal?

Well, we love a cheese toastie, they're quick and easy to prepare, but you can have only so many.
Or that is what I thought...
Until the new Lea and Perrin's cheese arrived in the post...

And so this is what I rustled up for lunch today, a Lea and Perrin's Cheese Toastie

What is great about the cheese is it comes in a lunch box sized portion and the Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire sauce is pre-loaded. So you don't have to keep a separate bottle ready to dash those splashes of Lea and Perrin's on your melted cheese on toast.
Now if Lea and Perin's does not hit the spot for you, they do the same cheddar with Tabasco taste, so you really get the hit! So go on, have a go and spice up the old cheese toastie!

To create the toastie, I simply carefully sliced up the cheese, buttered the bread on the outer two sides and layered the cheese within, like a sandwich but the butter goes on the outside.
Then pop in the toaster and voila!
Perfect with a salad on the side, or sliced gherkins and a couple of cherry tomatoes. Delicious!

So what exciting lunch did you have today?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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