Lunchbox Dilemma : Not Bread Again...

Lunchbox Dilemma : "Not bread again... " they groan!

How many of you hear that comment as the kiddies watch you prepare their packed lunch, or later in the morning, as they sit down to lunch? Do you imagine you hear them voice their complaint as the sounds drift over the hills from the school to wherever you are, munching your own lunch?

It can be soul destroying seeing that lunch come back half eaten. I know it well.
I have experienced it myself with my brood. The guilt you feel when you gingerly prize open the lunch box lid after school. The dread of what you will see inside the lunchbox.
You try so hard to come up with fresh ideas day in, day out.
And now even more so, particularly with the current chilly snowy snap we are experiencing in the UK. I mean, if they haven't eaten their lunch, then how on earth are they managing to get through the day and the afternoon? And then more over, with the roads being so slippery, how will they get home? No-one can run on an empty tank, not even a car...

So that's where these lunch box tips will come in handy. Why not print them out and stick them on your fridge.  The key is in getting organised and getting a plan together!

So today, we've made a conscious effort NOT to pack bread. So here's a photo of Spike's lunch: a bagle covered in sesame seeds, loaded with cream cheese, with a satsuma and some lunch box snacks for break time and the school bus ride home ...

We also popped in some homemade snowflakes... as a treat of course. Erm, well, we just had to carry on the snow theme!

These are just so easy to make! Just vanilla flavoured cookies piped with the snowflake decorations!
Pop back and we'll put the recipe up, so you can make your own!

Now if you've other lunch box dilemmas that are really really bugging you, just drop us a line @lunchboxworld on twitter, on our facebook page at Lunchbox World or comment on this post, and raise your dilemma...
You must have one dilemma you want to share?

Keep putting the FUN back into those lunch boxes!

The Lunchbox Lady x 

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