How Did That Happen?

Wow, October already. How did that happen?

And nearly half term too. Yes, it's half term next week for us, but I hear some schools have broken up already.
I had loads of posts to share, the garden, our marvellous pumpkins in the veggie patch, the picnics, the lazy summer family fun, and lots more besides. But where does that time go?

So how have you all been managing your lunch boxes, what with Back To School and all?
Well, I hope? Got any juicy ideas you are burning to share?

King Julien, true to his name is being rather fussy and we just have to think up some new lunch box ideas this half term break, or he will disappear!  This time we'll be focusing on how to pack a lunch box with no bread...
As for Tuna and Spike, being troopers they are still eating what they are given (Phew!)

So do stay with us!

And I know you're dying to fill us in on how your half terms have been going! Perhaps your favourite sandwich or lunch box ideas? Do share!

Speak soon and keep putting the FUN back into packed lunches!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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