Lunchbox News: Postal Delays Possible During Olympics

We have been warned.
The Royal Mail has made its announcements months ago now.
And we want our readers and customers to be aware too.
Our parcels may be lucky.
They may not be delayed. They may just swifly pass through the Royal Mail system with not a care in the world.

However because we want to keep you informed at all times, we need to let you know that there may be delays whilst the Olympics are on. Your order may get stuck in a sorting office somewhere, or just get caught up in a bottle neck of congestion...

So please, as soon as you know what you want to order, place your order on the Lunchbox World shop.
Back to School, yes I've said it... I know, maybe your kids have not even broken up yet, maybe you have not even started the school holidays yet, and we're already talking "Back To School".

But Back To School will be upon us before we know it.
Sistema Water Bottles all in stock at Lunchbox World

So if you've set your heart on some lunch box or lunch bag designs, or on a water bottle that does not leak, do not hesitate, place the order and just store away in a cupboard until the new term starts... Put your mind at rest!

Royal Mail state the special delivery will be next day, but cannot guarantee the time.
First class may be delayed too.
To read more, see the news article...

So what's your lunch box dilemma today?
If you've some dilemma you need answering, just comment back. We know you've got one, so come on! What are you waiting for?

We're here to help YOU put the FUN back into packed lunches!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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