The Working Lunch Survival Kit

For me, many a day lunch is grabbed al desko (at the desk) as there just never seems to be the time for simple pleasures like, well, erm, LUNCH!
Or is it that on the days when working from home, there are days when you just don't feel like eating alone at the table? So it's a quick sprint to the kitchen, make the lunch, return to desk, and just carry on working whilst munching...

But it seems I am not alone in this. According to Zest magazine a shocking 54% of women don't stop for lunch at all, working straight through the lunch break.
In an attempt to combat this, Zest has launched the #regainyourlunch campaign, to help women get their lunch break back.

So meanwhile, what would we recommend you put in a working lunch survival kit?

1 Make a pact to get away from your desk for a minimum of 10 minutes a day

It has been said that just a short 10 minute break, away from your desk, makes a huge difference to your afternoon and performance levels.

2 Try and escape the office into the fresh air

Even if it's a quick walk around the block, just to stretch those legs and breathe in the air... and just get that change of scenery... On rainy days you might have to change that plan!
Better still is to sign up to a class once a week, and get it into your timetable. If you're anything like me, if it's in your schedule, it's more likely to get done!

3  Take the time to plan your lunch

If you ensure the food you pack is colourful and you like it, and it's easy to eat, you're more likely to munch through it... So take the time to plan your lunches, work out a menu if you can, buy the items in, and prepare the night before. We try and ensure some items are permanently in the cupboard for those nights when you didn't get to the shop...
No problem if you're watching your weight, there's lots of healthy salads that can be taken in to work.
If you need some ideas, we've lots of tips and hints over on the Lunchbox World website and recipes too, and this year we started up our 365 lunch box ideas blog, so there's lots of inspiration for you!

4 Invest in some lunch kit you love

- check out the lunch bags and bottles we stock at Lunchbox World. It's sure to spice up your lunch, if the lunch kit puts a smile on your face... We've even got salad lunch boxes, so if you want a break from bread, take in a salad. These handy salad lunch boxes keep all elements of your salad separate until the moment you're ready to eat it. And they come with cutlery and a little sauce pot too!

Or maybe your current lunch bag has some funny odours lingering or just looks a bit tired? Or the water bottle has seen better days?

5  Oats and almonds make great snacks

Oats are good for slow energy release, so why not pop some oatcakes in your bag for you to snack on.  Almonds are great snack food too...

6  Make sure you drink lots of water

 For more hydration facts hop over to our Water facts page

7  Enjoy your lunch. If you can, share the time with a friend!

So what do you think is essential to the Working Lunch Survival Kit?

Have fun with your lunch wherever you are!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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