Lunch Box A-Z - Y for Your Working Lunch

We've a quick breather after the Jubilee celebrations to take stock, and to update you on the latest editions to Lunchbox World and the online shop before the next wave of celebrations and British events.

We're up to the letter Y in the Lunch Box A-Z and there's been a bit of a buzz about what folks are actually having for lunch during their working day ...
A recent report* quoted as many as 30% of London commuters are skipping lunch altogether, not even having a working lunch at their desk...

I found this quite saddening, as we are like a car - we need to refuel! Unlike a car, we don't come with a fuel gauge, so can't see at a glance when we are running low... (Don't tell me you wouldn't find your own energy gauge quite handy...)

So to help folks get that all essential break in the middle of the day, here's a quick run down on some of the latest editions to our lunch bag range this Summer...
Maybe having one of these on your arm, might get you all excited about taking your working lunch into the office with you...
They say you just need 10 minutes away from your desk...

Insulated Lunch Bags

Lush Flower, perhaps our favourite design...

Brand new Gourmet Getaway lunch bags - Summer 2012

Or if you're into dots, we've the new dotty lunch bags...
Big dot black and white Gourmet Getaway

Another dotty lunch bag - Mini Dot Navy to those in the know!

Now if you're not familiar with Built NY, these are the zany insulated lunch bags from New York. What's simply brilliant about them is the following:
In addition we've the matching sandwich bags.. so if you want the full matching kit, then do hop on over and take a good look...

Remember UK orders over £50 are eligible for FREE delivery, provided the delivery address is in the UK so it is worth talking to your buddies and popping in an order to share the delivery costs or avoid them altogether...

Salad Lunch Boxes

We've also some FUN brightly coloured salad lunch boxes, that have all the separate compartments to keep your salad fresh, with a handy sauce pot, as well as the essential cutlery. Simply assemble your salad, add the dressing, toss and you're ready to tuck in!

We've even some FUN dotty lunch boxes and other lunch bags too

So do please make time for your lunch.... It really will help keep you avoid those slumps in the day, and keep you going until home time.

So how much time do you honestly set aside for lunch?

The Lunchbox World Team x

*Working Lunch Report - Aviva Health Insurance, 2011

PS don't forget our 365 lunch box ideas blog with lots of lunch box ideas to share...

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