For Lunch Today: A LEGO lunch box

For lunch today, I'm having a LEGO lunch box...

A bright red shiny LEGO lunch box, filled with:

A Handful of slices of bread with delicious seeds...
Chopped tomato salad with spring onion in french dressing
Chopped red pepper
Cornichons and pickled onions
Cream cheese - portion for one

With some chopped up apple for afters...

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If you fancy one of these LEGO lunch boxes for any budding LEGO fan in your family, then do check them out in our online shop, Lunchbox World.

Our Top Lunch tips for the day:

What I love about lunches like this is it's all finger food. It's easy for little people to munch through.
As a parent, I always find in the summer months, the kids want to just nibble through their lunch, and get out to play with their friends as fast as possible.
So if it's all prepared for them, in bite sized portions, they can munch through it that much faster.

Equally for me, taking lunch into work, I want to chatter at lunch.
So if it's all chopped up, ready for munching, I still get to eat the lunch, but make sure I have enough time for that all important #regainyourlunch time... (otherwise known as natter time!)

So what are you having for lunch today?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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