National Sandwich Week - what's your favourite sandwich?

It's National Sandwich Week this week, and we're just wondering what IS your favourite sandwich?

We've previously talked about the Ultimate Sandwich over here
packed full of nutritious goodies to make it simply THE ultimate, but how about the most scrumptious, the tastiest sandwich? Or the most FUN sandwich?

Which would be your favourite filling for a sandwich?

We stumbled across the Salad Lyonnaise Sandwich on twitter and just had to share it with you here.
I'm sure they wouldn't mind us borrowing the photo, thanks to A Cosy

This combines, home grown rocket, tomatoes with lardons (chopped up bacon) and poached egg with delicious mustard seasoning...
Maybe because the cold snap is back and I'm yearning for a heart-warming lunch, but this is definitely getting the taste buds flowing...

So please don't hold back, I know you want to tell me. What is your favourite sandwich?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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