Lunch Box Contains Bacteria?

So how clean is your lunch box? Do you clean it every night?
Inside and out?
What about the lunch bag?
How often is this cleaned?
Do you think there could be bacteria lurking in your lunch box or lunch bag?

This is something close to our hearts at Lunchbox World and we are absolutely amazed at how little folks tend to think about this. We've just seen this video, OK yes, it is American but it's just 2 mins of your time to watch the video and it'll just get you thinking! Thanks to and their reporter Jeff Weinsier:

This is the whole reason Lunchbox World started out 3 years ago in April 2009. Packing 3 lunch bags day in and day out, that returned home with yoghurt squirted into the corners, the kids lunch bags soon became really smelly, and were thrown out, and replacements purchased.

It was during this search for a washable lunch bag, that could be washed in the machine that the idea for Lunchbox World was born!
This is food we are talking about and we plan to eat from these bags every day. But we're not just talking lunch bags, it's the lunch boxes too. And because the quality of lunch bags varies so much, many lunch bags just fall apart if you even attempt to put them in the machine.
Washable Lunch Bags available at Lunchbox World

However not with this range, Built NY - these insulate, are washable and come in great zany designs. We're waiting for them to bring out some more kiddie friendly designs...

I know our lives are busy and this is just one more thing to think about, but how clean is your lunch box or your kids lunch box?
Would you like to eat out of that?
Or is it perhaps time for a new one?

After viewing the video, you may just want to check out our lunch bag and lunch box range over on the shop...
The water bottles are just as important too...

But please do tell us, how often do you wash your lunch bag?

The Lunchbox World Team x

PS for more hints and tips, check out the Lunchbox World website

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