Love in Your Lunch Box

Do you ever think of popping some love in your lunch box?

I often think as I prepare the school lunch boxes, how can I show them how much I care about them today. If you've been following this blog you'll know I've 3 school aged kids and a husband, although regularly absent, whenever he sees the lunches for the kids, he often is keen to grab one for himself!

Maybe that particular day I've been nagging them to pack their school bags, or hurry on up with getting dressed. So to try and make amends, I sometimes try popping in that special treat, so once they get to lunch time, they'll remember how much I care.  Or I'll just lovingly chop up that carrot for them to graze away and nibble on that - just like I did this morning at 6.30am!

Other times, I pop in a totally themed lunch, such as Love Your Lunch Box and the whole playground then talks about it!

But today, I stumbled across this blog where there are 51 ways to show you love them. Yep, you heard me, 51 ways...

So to see the list, hop on over and pick out the ones you fancy!

We love hearing all your lovely comments and try and reply to as many as possible.

So how do you pop some love in your lunch box?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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