Pancakes in the Lunch Box

Today's Pancake Day!

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

So what will you put in that lunch box today? A sweet pancake or a savoury one? Or why not both? Start with a savoury starter and then finish off with something sweet, oozing with sheer wickedness, like the image above ...

Typical Sweet Pancake Toppings:

lemon and sugar
maple syrup
nutella and sliced banana
strawberries and nutella or melted chocolate sauce

Savoury Pancake Toppings:

cheddar cheese and ham cubes
chopped up bacon or lardons with grated Emmental cheese

Or, for something different, why not try the pancake recipes we have in the Lunchbox World recipe section - one's with delicious sausages, the other's with tuna....

Want some Lunch Box Ideas?

For more lunch box ideas, check out our new 365 Lunch Box Challenge blog.

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