New Year Lanterns Full of Hope...

Launching the Lanterns on New Year's Eve...

Full of hope, with special messages written on the sides, wondering what good luck and what wishes will come true, we launched the lanterns last night.

Perhaps the weather was the first sign: the light drizzle, the pitter patter of the raindrops, dripping down onto the lanterns, as we patiently waited to launch these beauties. 
It took some time to light each lantern, lighting was the easy bit, we then had to wait for the lanterns to be swollen enough with hot air to then launch up, up and away, and off to who knows where...

The anticipation mounted with each moment we waited, and the kids became more and more tense the longer it took.
Off went the first with a hurried woosh.
Up and up it went.
Heading straight for the nearest obstruction.
Up up into the first tree.
The neighbours tree.

Then the second, off it launched.
Up up and away.
Closely following the path of the first lantern.
Again, straight into the same neighbour's tree.

The third launched, then the fourth.  These steered clear of the tree. The wind had already changed or maybe it was just the angle they were launched up into the midnight sky.
Already sobs could be heard from the children whose lanterns were trapped in the trees.
What would happen to their wishes?
Was that it?  All over in a flash, all those hopes for the year dashed in the neighbour's tree?

To which I replied, "What are the chances of the lanterns being caught in the tree?
That's really really lucky.
Just wait until Spring when the buds appear, followed swiftly by the leaves, and new life...  That's when your wishes and good luck will blossom and bloom!"

Happy New Year to everyone and hope all your wishes and dreams come true!

Lots of New Year ideas to help get you back into your swing coming over the next few days! So let us know if there's something you wish us to focus on! Or an idea you wish to share. We love hearing from you!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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