Who's Making Their Christmas Cake This Year?

We've just received a parcel, a very welcome parcel. It's the brand new Classic Christmas Cake Kit from the lovely Delia, available only at Waitrose.

Now, erm, I am a Delia fan, I admit I do religiously follow her Christmas Day planner and work my way through all her tips and hints for a stress-free Christmas. And you know what, it does work.
So I was delighted when offered a chance to try out the new kit.

So you know exactly what's being baked up this weekend...

Now it may look like this...

But with three kids, I am sure some snowmen will feature, so do pop back and check the results. We will definitely share this with you, the highs, the lows...

So are you making your own cake this year? Will it be Christmas cake or something else?

Do share as we love to hear from you!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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