Christmas Traditions

This year more than ever has been about Christmas Traditions.

Singing the Christmas Carols, drinking mulled wine, baking mince pies, sharing the fun with friends. And of course all the fun to be had from decorating Gingerbread Houses...  In case you missed these posts, click here to catch up.

We've had our smattering of snow, so out came the sledges to scoot down the nearest hillside, down in a flash then trudge back up, and whizz down again... Why is it that going down is so much faster than the hike back up the hill?
We've had the turkey and all the trimmings... the crackers, and the jokes were actually funny this year.

And of course, Boxing Day we always have a twinkly tea, with Angel Chimes, all the candles lit, and a platter full of chocolate scrummy biscuits... Mmmm delicious!

It's also been a year about true values and simple family fun. No flash presents, but you know, the fewer presents, the more they've played with them... Weird that... Just like they say, the greatest gift is giving your time...

What's the best thing about Christmas for you?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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