Are You Visiting Santa This Year?

Happy St Nicholas Day!

Yes, today's 6th December, St Nicholas Day!

For many this is not a special day, but in some parts of Europe this is a very exciting day in the run-up to Christmas for little people. It's the day when Father Christmas visits and fills children's shoes or boots with sweeties and chocolates... scrummy!

Well, my brood left out their boots along with a delightful picture and letter, in anticipation of him leaving some sweeties, and goodies spilling out of their shoes this morning!

So the brood skipped off to school, all happy. Sometimes small things go a long way...

So who will be visiting the man in the big chair this year?

Will you be making a trip to see him?
Will it be at a school fair, in a shopping centre, or will it be venturing to Lapland or to the well-kept secret of Mont Sion, le hameau de Pere Noel close to Geneva, Switzerland?

Or will you be creating your own magic?
If you want lots of ideas, make sure you check out our 12 Days of Lunch Box Festive Fun - lots of ideas, that can go in a lunch box or be given as a gift.

We always love to hear from you!
Have a lovely St Nicholas' Day!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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