WOW! My Famous Kitchen!


Take a look at this. Now quickly, as you are unlikely to see the kitchen in its glory quite like this ever again...
The clever lighting, the sun streaming through the windows to the side and to the back, the volume of baking going on in one sitting... Amazing.

Yes, I did need a cuppa after this!

Tara over at Sticky Fingers theme this week on her Gallery is "The Kitchen", so here's ours and yes, it's famous too. We were chosen as one of the Jury to review the Finish Quantumatic gadget. To read all the Quantumatic posts, click here but to save you hunting, here's the first one below, full of Dishwasher Delight

Come on, we've shown you ours. So what's your kitchen like?

The Lunchbox World Team x

To see the others, grab a cuppa and hop over (just click on the lens cuppa below)

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