Oooh... Do You Think They'll Notice?

It's Day #19 on the #NaBloPoMo and being Saturday, we thought let's have a bit of fun!

There's been a couple of times over the last few days whilst out walking, where I've thought this caption would fit perfectly.  The first one unfortunately was not captured on film... The one time I go for a walk without the camera. (I could have kicked myself... I vowed never to leave home without said charged camera again.)  I digress..

Both times cars were involved and damage occurred to both.

The first, a brand new Fiat 500, you know the little bubble cars. A bright red shiny one sat parked up beneath some trees alongside a tall wall, minding its own business.
I first walked past the car on the way down to the sound of a chain saw sawing away at intervals in someone's garden.  I thought nothing more of it and continued on my way.

Less than 1/2 an hour later I was back passing the car on my way up the hill. I don't know why or what made me glance over, but I did.
I glanced over at this shiny red Fiat 500 to see the entire windscreen shattered, but still intact.  There was a perfectly formed indentation, a perfectly round indentation the size of a fallen branch in the top left hand corner of the windscreen and lots of tell-tale signs of remaining bits of wood chips, wood dust, pieces of bark, all scattered over the windscreen and bonnet.

No sign of the naughty branch though... I checked, I looked down the side of the car, close to the wall, nothing...

Oooh, do you think they'll notice...?

I didnot hang about to see that moment of consequences... (It's times like this I wish I was a fly on the wall...)

A few days later, I saw said bright red shiny Fiat 500 parked well away from the previously mentioned overhanging trees. Much further down the road, in a much quieter area, out of harm's way, parading its brand new shiny windscreen...

And here's the naughty tree...

The second time when the camera was to hand, was this...

You can picture the wife returning home, having backed into a tight corner, thinking... Ooh, if I just stick this silver duck tape here, here and here, I might just get away with it... Oh, here comes hubbie, tra la la la la... hands him a glass of wine, "There you go darling, how was your day?"

Have you ever tried to cover something up, in the hope that oooh... do you think they'll notice?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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