Lunchbox World Competition! Time To Get Organised! Hurry!

A brand new competition starts today to help you get ready for the New Year!
"Yikes!" I hear you cry, "what already?"

But let's face it, the shops are already geared up for Christmas, there's talk on the radio, TV, wherever you look ... so this month over at Lunchbox World we've come up with a bundle of goodies to help give you a helping hand for planning, new years resolutions, and more...

Dairy Diary 2012
The Dairy Book Of Home Cookery
Packed with recipes, planners, gardening tips and more, the Dairy Diary 2012
and the Home Cookery Book will give you all you need to become that perfect domestic goddess!

And if you're anything like me, that's what we are all aspiring to be in 2012, right?

So why not hop on over to the competition page, answer the question and agree to sign up the newsletter!  It's that simple!

And yes, it's still #NaBloPoMo, day #21 now and we're still blogging at least once a day!

So over to you, what kind of competitions would you like to see on Lunchbox World in 2012?

The Lunchbox World Team x

All the standard terms and conditions for the competition can be found on the Lunchbox World website.

PS good luck! and do share on twitter and facebook.
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