How Rude...!

Have you ever had the scenario where you're already moving on, yet someone is waiting for a response? You just didn't know it. You have delayed hearing, delayed reaction or just don't compute?
You think maybe they're not directing the comment at you?
You've already moved on, leaving their speech bubble unanswered, hanging in the air...?

Well it happened the other day.
 My mind on other things, (well whose isn't?)
Driving through approaching a barrier.
Ticket in the slot, the right way round, check.
Up goes the barrier, into 1st gear, check.
Finger poised on the electric window, check.
Push the button, the window starts to go up...
The wheels turn slowly in motion...
You start to move away...

Out of the corner of my eye, I had spotted 3 uniformed men, arms crossed, legs slightly apart, you know that matcho stance. Standing all in a row, watching the cars through the barriers.
But your minds not on them.
You're thinking of not scratching the car, of not holding up the traffic behind, of not making a fool of yourself. Getting the ticket right.

"Hello! You alright?" I then heard them call...
Too late.
I'd moved on, the window at this stage nearly closed.  Their words still lingered in the air...
The men were behind me now.
My daughter muttered, "They were talking to you, you know. Are you not going to answer them?"
"Oh dear!" I flustered, "How rude they must think!"

The moment had passed. I'd already moved on... Too late.
What would have happened if I'd turned and gestured?
It seemed to late even for that now.

Has that ever happened to you?
The Lunchbox World Team x

This is Day #17 of #NaBloPoMo and we're taking part in it all month! So do keep coming back for some more fun!

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