Gingerbread House Top Tips For Success

Our thoughts at this time of year turn to Christmas crafts, and creativity. This year it's the turn of the Gingerbread House, fuelled largely by the fact it is a competition.

The Challenge: How to Make the Most Original or Prettiest Swedish Gingerbread House
The Deadline: 30 November 2011
Yes there are prizes on offer. But before you all dash off to purchase said kit,
we're not running the competition here.

No, no, this is all going on at the local school (sighs heavily with relief, so I won't be the one tasked to judge one house over another and suffer the potential kick back / scorn / looks could kill from miffed parents and their off-spring).
Having now helped assemble three said kits, we felt it necessary to share our top tips on ingredients required for the job. (And yes, each child insisted on doing their own house.)

Key ingredients you will need:

*  An obscene amount of patience
*  To complete one house, buy at least two kits to cover all enventualities including irreparable breakages, parts being "accidentally" eaten and so on
*  3 bags of sugar to get the "glue" right - be warned this is scorching hot and sets hard fast!
*  3 bags of icing sugar - you're never quite sure what the kids WON'T ice or how much icing they'll feel necessary they have to "taste test"
*  Decorations and embellishments - put in shopping basket what you think is appropriate, then double it - the kids want to do way more decorating than you think

NEVER say less is more, it has to most definitely be more...

*  2 dozen eggs - separating the eggs to save the egg whites is way harder then the kids think!
*  Make sure you've completed a de-stress course before embarking on such a project
*  Assemble said kits close to an external door - easy exit for screaming moments is essential to vent pent-up tension

This is definitely a project NOT for the faint hearted!
You have been warned!

Now as this is a competition in the local school, we will NOT display final photos before the closing date. So here is a sample of one we assembled earlier...

This is a competition after all, and yes, we are extremely competitive...

So what goodies will you be baking up this festive period in the run up to Christmas?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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