The Best Lunch In a Long Time...

I've been holding this one back, but just have to share it with you. It's not strictly lunch box material but it could easily be packaged up and eaten on-the-go.
It all happened by chance. I wasn't asked to review the food, nor the restaurant, no nothing like that.
I just happened to be going to a rather nice restaurant with a couple of girlfriends the other week.

It could have gone either way, as there were just 3 of us going, and you know how that can be. But luckily no real sticky moments...
Yes, I really should get out more, but it was absolutely delicious food.

The sun was shining, so we could eat outside, some burners were going, the place was really filling up, I had (for once) a couple of hours to spare, so as with all last minute things, it ended up being the best lunch in a long time...

I decided to try something different. My friends went for quiche and salad, but I just wanted to try something that little bit risky.
I went for the set menu, which I rarely do.  Sometimes set menu's can mean not fresh, they do have a bit of a stigma attached to them. What were the portion sizes? Would it be too much? All these thoughts were dashing through my mind... Should I? Shouldn't I? Decisions...

It seemed really good value, the set menu included:

chilled tomato and basil soup
bruschetta with mediterranean vegetables and parmesan shavings
green salad
selection of french cheeses
profiteroles for dessert

All polished off with a rather risque bottle of evian - Live Young, as the TV ad says. You must have seen it, it's my absolute favourite, and I really need to "Live Young"

So if that was my last lunchtime meal, that would have to be it.  The best part for me was the fact it came all together on a tray, so you could just graze and natter with your friends, totally uninterrupted. The perfect lunch time treat.
Which reminds me, I really should head back there again soon and see if the set menu's changed now that winter's drawing in...

So what would your best lunch be?

The Lunchbox World Team x

ps photo to be uploaded shortly - camera playing up... sorry x will make sure I get your mouth watering shortly!

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