Autumn Delights - Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful  - Our top 5 have to be:

1 The laptop keyboard is fixed, and swanky and new! So now there's no excuse for those fingers to lightly dance across the keys as I write blog post after blog post... Yes! It's still NaBloPoMo and we're still hanging in there...

2 A cute little shop in the village has displays like this bang outside... that just capture Autumn for us

3 Jack Frost has paid a visit already... So now the song in my head is

"... Chestnuts roasting on the open fire...
Jack Frost nipping at your nose...!"

4  It's the time of year for winter warmers... hot steaming soup, being slurped outside with chunks of baguette underneath the heater, catching those rays of sunshine...

5 And we have to mention it, the Lunchbox World Blog has a new header so we're chirpy and cheerful about that...

as well as having lots of great new products ready for Christmas in the Lunchbox World Shop... so go on, what are you waiting for, hop on over and have a browse!

What are you cheerful about?

Would love to hear what you think!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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