New Competition: 5 "Handy" Prizes To Encourage Positive Play

Hi there everyone! Wow this last month has just zoomed by.

Just wanted to let you all know - A brand new competition has just started over on the Lunchbox World website  - 5 bundles of "handy" antibacterial wipes and gels up for grabs this month, thanks to Cuticura and Lunchbox World teaming up this month.

So when you're next out and about, there'll be no need to panic or worry if hands get grubby. These products dry in moments and are proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and FAST!

Our most "handy" tips this month when enjoying those walks this Autumn:

Take a clean tea towel, (preferably gingham if you have one, for that vintage picnic touch), and place it on that log or picnic table to create a barrier between the germs and beasties on the table and the delicious food and snacks you'll be eating.

Fill one flask of hot water and another of hot chocolate, take extra mugs, some sliced up malt loaf, cake and biscuits and head off out into the woods...

If you're in need of a new flask, have you checked out our latest arrivals over on the online shop?

To enter the competition, simply agree to sign up to the newsletter, and answer the question, it's that simple.
Feel free to tweet us @lunchboxworld on twitter and like our Lunchbox World facebook page too, every little helps!

Thanks and if you've "handy" tips to share, we'd love to hear them!

The Lunchbox World Teamx

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