Lunchbox World - May best month ever! Thanks Theo Paphitis!

I know, I said the same last month.
But this month is our best ever! And what a storming month we've had!
What's more, with @lunchboxworld retweeted on Sunday 29 May by @TheoPaphitis, well it was just a totally busy busy end to the month of May!

For those of you new to Lunchbox World, the online shop has only been live since September last year, the middle of back to school if I remember correctly and sales are growing fast, as we head into summer and then Back To School!

Awareness is growing all the time, as more folks buy and then tell their friends! Our following on both twitter and facebook is growing and the best thing! Folks are coming back and buying more!
So our thanks have to go to Theo for noticing us, and re-tweeting us! That's all it takes to really start the ball rolling.

See our earlier post for more details, and on how to take part yourselves, if you are a small business yourself. It's well worth the effort!

Tomorrow is the start of Pulse 2011, a trade show up in London that's well worth a visit, so we'll be trotting up there, me and the Assistant Buyer, for the day.
We continue to scour the globe for new lunch box products, picnic ideas, and fun ways for on-the-go that we can bring to the Lunchbox World website, so our customers have those handy gadgets to keep healthy, live young, and above all, have fun!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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