Lunchbox World Competition! £80 worth swimming lessons and supply Princes Tuna!

June already...  The start of a new month means the start of a new competition!
It's also that time of the year when we start to wear less clothes, well we do when we are on holiday at least. Maybe not in the UK right now...
I know I'm back to wearing jumpers and the mac, just to keep the wind out!
The time of year I dream of warm evenings, al fresco eating, romance...

And so our thoughts turn to the holidays and the kids swimming. I remember when the brood were little, it was much more of a worry being either close to the sea or by a swimming pool. You really have to watch them as water seems to draw them in like a magnet. Plus I remember the youngest, King Julien was actually quite scared of the sea, and used to race up and down pushing a large dumper truck, just dipping his toes in, that's as far as he dared...

So it has always been important to us to ensure the kids are really strong swimmers. And I am proud to say they all are. They all started swimming lessons at the age of 4, and have continued ever since, working their way up the classes, now able to dive, swim deep, without a worry. Why, they can even do tumble turns and racing dives as well!
Anyway, let's not get ahead of ourselves. For those starting out, it is a cost factor!
So this month's competition, with this in mind, we've teamed up with Princes, the company famous for their tinned fish, tinned fruit and more...

The great prize on offer this month is a course of swimming lessons for your little one, and of course a month's supply of Princes Tuna!

King Julien a confident swimmer!

A month's supply of Princes Tuna
 To enter the competition, just hop on over to the Lunchbox World competition, carefully read the blurb, sign up to the competition, and answer the question. It's that simple!

We've also loads of tips, hints and recipe ideas, so do check out the recipe section.

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Thanks for stopping by!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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