The Fateful Tweet ... That Led to Meeting the Lovely Valentine Warner...

I could have easily missed it.
How did I see it?
Was I looking for it without even realising it?
I must have been searching for lunch box ideas, or lunch time buzz on twitter...
The power of twitter and the opportunities it brings are amazing
as with everything, there is a down-side - it takes time, just like with anything really, to do it justice and to do it well.
(Well, that's what I keep telling hubbie anyway!)

So if you're not careful you can start with moments, then hours, then half days can be swallowed up on twitter, waiting for that tweet back, keen to reply, to keep that dialogue, that connection going, then silence...
that moment is gone..

And so it was with Valentine Warner. He tweeted a recipe launch... in the next few days... just a teaser I suppose. To get folks like me sitting up, ooh, what's that about then, click and off you go to find out.

Straight back I replied, "tell me more, sounds intriguing..."
To my surprise, he actually DM'ed me back @lunchboxworld - the date, time, venue of this launch event. Already 930pm in the evening, he confirmed the PR event was Ryvita Crunch, at noon the next day, and yes, as you can guess, I was there like a shot...

A big fan of Valentines's anyway, particularly his TV series a while back, where he cooked up delicious easy to prepare seasonal dishes, I was not to be disappointed.
The setting was a french restaurant, Terroirs, close to Trafalgar Square, in the big smog of London, and it was a private lunch for foodies.
I was grateful to have Carol Flint from Ryvita on my left, giving me the run down of updates and latest products in the Ryvita portfolio and the lovely Fiona Hunter, the Nutritionist on my right, giving advice on nutrition and tips on how to make your lunch box really healthy. The big bonus was being seated in the prime spot for perfect viewing of the demonstrations that then unfolded.

Ryvita has clearly moved on from their diet led days of the 70's, to the new varied portfolio of new crispbreads and flavours that make for a perfect lunch time snack.

Valentine Warner co-hosted with the rather chatty Nigel Barden from Radio 2 demonstrating a number of recipes to give you that special twist at lunch time:

We started with New Potato and Broad Bean Salad atop an Original Ryvita Crispbread

Followed by Steak Tartare piled high on a Ryvita Cracked Black Pepper Crispbread

The sweet treat was his Ryvita Sunflower Seeds and Oats Crispbread Crumble

Nigel Barden delighted us with his Spring topping suggestion: Peppered Mackerel, cream cheese on the bumpy bed of Sunflower Seeds and Oat Ryvita, garnished with rocket (as shown in image above)

We were all surprisingly full after eating just four of these loaded Ryvita lunchtime suggestions. It must be said though, the toppings were divine!
To get the full recipes, that really can be rustled up in moments, hop on over to the Recipe Section on the Lunchbox World website.

Find out what other Celebrity Chefs we've been meeting up with this season...
See you soon!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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