Family Fun Day Part 2 - the evidence!

I've just received the tweet I'd been dreading or was I waiting for it? I knew there would be some crazy shots. Trouble is, I've heard 24 hours AFTER the photos went live... Will I ever be able to wear that outfit in public again without being mobbed?
It had been quite a crazy day.
Hot, sunny day, Hampton Court.
Funny music, funny people, face paints, silly games, good food, BBQ and of course Fairy providing the Family Fun!
The photographer said go mad, so that's what I did.  The brood did too.
You see, when they are out, the kids actually do as they are told.
It is so refreshing...

He said do some crazy running, we did.
He said do some crazy dancing on the podium, we did that too.

Oh dear....
You have to go to Fairy to see those shots I am afraid, copyright and all, but well worth the hop...

If you feel like seeing all the fun shots from the Fairy Family Fun Day, do hop on over to the facebook page of Fairy!
Thanks again for inviting us and reminding us how important it is to take time out and have some simple fun!
The kids are still talking about it now. We have run out of bubbles, the balloons have all popped, so need to make some purchases, simple ones, of course!  So if you are thinking of how to keep your kids amused, do go for the simple pleasures, they work every time! I think we'll try pond dipping next... This time with a picnic!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

ps to see part one of the Hampton Court trip, click here

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