Sistema Drinking Bottles 330ml at Lunchbox World Shop!

At last, the delivery arrived this morning!
The pallet is unloaded!
The Sistema 330ml bottles are back in stock, available online in the Lunchbox World Shop, in pink, aqua or lime!
330ml Sistema bottle in aqua

Sistema 330ml in lime

Sistema 330ml bottle in pink
What's so good about them?
In our experience, (and all the brood use them for school), they don't leak.
But don't take our word for it.
Try them yourselves!
At £3 each, it's worth the investment! Go to the shop and have a look, or better still, buy now!
They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe.
Plus they're made in New Zealand, from BPA free materials, and if the 330ml is too small, then take a look at the slightly larger 460ml or the 600ml or the 700ml!
It all depends on the size of your thirst!
These are hugely popular all year round, and are handy whatever you do, whether it is for a packed lunch, after a quick work out at the gym, an after school activity, or for when out and about, or just on-the-go.
It's really important to keep hydrated, and with the fab weather that seems to continue, you need to quench that thirst.
Why not read the Lunchbox Kit Review we did on them here
They have a handy twist and lock spout, so if your littlies have grubby fingers, they don't actually dirty the spout, and then you just lock it shut afterwards. Easy!
If you're in need of a lunch box too, then check out the full range we stock in the shop!
Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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