NEW Lunch Boxes For Busy People On-The-Go

This season has seen the arrival of the Sistema Breakfast 2 Go and the Sistema Salad 2 Go, both available in the Lunchbox World Shop.

With more folk being increasingly busy, having less time for those all important meals of the day, Sistema has launched 2 NEW lunch box products that help you still have that breakfast or lunch, or snack, even when you're on-the-go, and keep it looking good until you're ready to eat it. Both in stock at Lunchbox World.

The Breakfast 2 Go

The Breakfast 2 Go has 2 compartments, allowing you to keep dry food in one and wet food in the other. eg cereal and yoghurt, fruit and yoghurt, whatever you fancy, until you're ready to put them together and eat them!
Plus it comes with a handy spoon, cleverly hidden in the lid. Priced at £4.00, and available in clear, pink, aqua or lime, you can buy them here.

Sistema Breakfast 2 Go - Clear

Our favourite cereal full of real fruit and antioxidants is the brand NEW Superfruity Shredded Wheat with blackberry, blackcurrant and blueberry, that we love to pop in the Breakfast 2 Go. This is now a regular cereal on our weekly shopping list!

The Salad 2 Go

The Salad 2 Go solves the problem of the salad looking limp by lunch time. With 4 compartments on the top layer and a large lower area, keeping everything separate and crisp, plus a little sauce pot, you can assemble your salad just before eating. Again, the handy cutlery is tucked away in the lid, plus the lid has a seal to keep all the lunch items INSIDE the box!
So whether it's a pasta salad, or green salad, it will be perfect at lunch time.

Priced at £6.50, you can buy here, available in pink, aqua or lime.

Sistema Salad 2 Go available at Lunchbox World

For lunch box ideas and salad ideas, check our Recipe Section. Lots of inspiration and quick and easy ideas for picnics, lunches or just lunchtime treats.

Here's to a great summer!

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