Lunchbox World on Wordle #2

Some time has passed since we last did this, and it's always fun to do! It's thanks to Freckles from a BritMums Blog Hop on the Gallery, that we stumbled across this in the first place.
But this month, having been unofficially part of the Blogathon in the US, Blog2011, we saw that they'd done a fun Wordle as one of the themed posts, and so we thought, it's time to do another one.

Let's see if the focus of Lunchbox World has changed.
If you don't know about Wordle, just google it, and have some fun...  It's a visual representation of a blog or website.

So this is what came out...

 Wordle: Lunchbox World's Blog

We're pleased to say, it looks like Wordle agrees, we are about lunch boxes, on the go, looking good, salads, recipes and more...
So do hop over to Wordle and have some fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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