How Not to Have a Girlfriend Over For Lunch...

So, you invite a girlfriend over for lunch.
Plan a few days ahead. I had planned to use a delicious lunch box recipe from the website...
Know what you're going to eat.
All sounds good.
On the day what happens?

Printer jams, so stops work... Hours pass troubleshooting endlessly and still it remains jammed...

Blogger goes down, so you become obsessed with "is it back up yet?" and constantly click refresh to see if it's back in service.
No, OK get on with something else then...

Quick tidy up before she comes.
Realise the soup and fresh baguette you'd planned is still in the supermarket!
Just having shut all the windows, about to nip out the door at 1210 to purchase it...  Might just get away with chaos...
The phone goes..

"Hello I'm back, is it alright for me to come now?!" she asked cheerily
"Oh Hi! Been having a dreadful morning.  Friday the 13th and all. Er, I was just nipping out for some baguette..."
"Oh that's OK I'll pop in on my way over," she replied, full of the joys of spring
"Er...", shifting from one foot to the other, head down "I was going to buy some soup too"
"Oh...  I could get that too, what flavour did you want?"
"No really I should pop out, I invited you round... Not quite cricket for the guest to bring the lunch is it!"

So in the end, I agreed, we settle for carrot and coriander and french baguette.
Well, you have to be pragmatic. It made sense for her to pop in on her way. She practically had to drive passed the supermarket to get here, well that's my excuse anyway!

I just supplied the gas to heat it on, the crockery and obviously the venue...
And we then followed on with some delicious brie, red grapes and the delicious ryvita. Oops I'd run out of water biscuits as well...  And fresh coffee with scrummy chocolate eggs mmm xxx

Just wanted to say thanks my good buddie, for being my friend!
Anything like this happen to you?

The Lunchbox World Team x