Chill-ax - How to chill and relax all in one go?

"Chill-ax" is the most frequent word on King Julien's lips these days. So where did that come from? Surely he didn't make it up?
It must be from the TV, something from Disney channel perhaps...
The English language is truly evolving...

So this weeks' Gallery theme over at Sticky Fingers is "Chilled out".
Well I think the image below sums it up for me:

Key criteria to chill...

* fresh cafetiere full of coffee
* comfy chair to sit on outside
* sugar, milk, spoon all the essentials on a tray
* sunny day, goes without saying
* enough time to drink down that coffee and to just be...
* time to watch the birds in spring on the bird feeders
* watch the dragonflies if we are lucky enough for them to come visit
* sit and just hear the twitter of birds, and be surrounded by nature all around you
* the contented sounds of kids playing happily together (if it's a weekend)

The sun had just nipped behind a cloud in this shot, but I think you get the visual image we're trying to conjure up!
So what is chilled out for you?
If I had a hammock, it would have been that, but alas, it's still on my wish list at amazon (tehe!)

To see all the others on the Gallery, hop on over by clicking on the gallery image below.

Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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