Blog 2011 - Lunchbox World unofficially part of Blogathon

This is the end of the month, the end of May and what a month this has been. I just felt we had to write a post to mark the end of the month!

It's thanks to Michelle Rafter of Wordcount in the USA that we've been blogging so much, attempting to blog every day, in the challenge to blog every day in May - The annual Blogathon! 

But if you check our May total post count, you can see, not quite managing it. A couple of days, we did several posts to try and keep up, as time just flies, but it has been worth it!
As Michelle says in her intro to the Blogathon, if you're new to blogging, this will give you one almighty push, up that learning curve. Or if you're a veteran, you'll meet new folks, and become part of a like-minded community, so there are pluses for everyone.
And wow, has it been one learning curve, the planning, the social media aspects, and more. It's done that!
So a big thank you to Michelle for all her tips and advice along the way.

We were too late to register and officially take part, as we only found out about it on twitter a couple of days into it.  So we were not privy to the newsletters, the Google Group, but I did keep checking in on her blog, seeing her tweets on twitter and so forth, following the themes as and when we could.

So keep your eyes out for it next year. Blog 2012! It's sure to be a big one! and it's a competition too, so as well as doing it for self-satisfaction, and personal development, there could be a prize at the end of it!

Thanks again Michelle, and I'll be looking out to take part officially next year!
To find out more, check out Michelle's blog Wordcount

Thanks for stopping by!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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