What is the Lunchbox World Blog?

This week is proving to be a major juggling exercise and a test of patience, both from the brood's perspective being off on school hols, and of course mine. 

We're almost there with updating our Lunchbox World facebook page and so naturally this topic has been front of mind this week - what's Lunchbox World all about? Is there one image that can sum it up?  We've ummed and aahed and erm thought some more. The answer is:
Well, er, no, sorry.
Luckily with the facebook page we can get around this criteria, and use a number of images to convey that Lunchbox World is all about lunch-on-the-go, but it's more than that.
There are so many elements to Lunchbox World - the inspiration, the fun, the lunch boxes, the lunch bags, the shop, the reviews, the news, the recipes, the tips, hints, the competitions, the new products coming through, and it's under the one roof to save busy folks from searching elsewhere for the ideas, the menu planners... and with the blog, there's even more themes that pop in to it, to bring it all to life really.
And there I'm going to say it, it's just such fun blogging, particularly when you get comments back, that is just F.A.B.

So, I started to click through the entries for inspiration, and basically to have a nose at how everyone else is tackling the theme this week. And, I stumbled across an idea...

A fellow blogger at Freckles Family just introduced me to Wordle, a brilliant piece of software where you punch in your url and it does the rest. I could play on it for hours, fiddling here, fiddling there.   Well, I've just been on it one hour!
It sums up the Lunchbox World blog in a visual representation of what it's all about, so here goes:

Wordle: :unchbox World Blog wordle

Let us know what you think!

This is all part of Sticky Fingers gallery theme this time round "The Blog".

To see all the other entries, click on the gallery image, make sure you take a cuppa with you. It could be a long one!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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