Mother Love

Having recently stumbled across the blog Sticky Fingers and The Gallery, I said to the team, "Let's try it, and see what happens"

So here is our first entry to the Gallery.
This week's theme is "Mother Love".  We've gone a bit abstract but I do so love these delicate flowers, The Bleeding Heart:

I have always admired their form, their delicateness. They are so robust whilst out in their full glory, but so fragile once they've passed their best, and so easily run over by the lawnmower, thanks hubbie!

We love nature, Mother Nature, and we love hearts, hence our choice for the Bleeding Heart, and we felt they're just symbolic of love between Mothers and Daughters, and Sons.

To find out what this is all about, hop on over to Sticky Fingers and there you'll find the post with list of everyone that has entered! Make sure you take a cuppa with you, you may be gone sometime!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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