Lunchbox World Excitement! Lego Lunch Box Coming Soon!

If you love lego, you'll love these!

These are mega lego brick size lunch boxes, where the top just snuggly pushes on and pulls off, (so no fiddly bits for little people).  As you would expect, they are made of BPA free materials, and they can go in the dishwasher, so you can rest easy, they are fun but practical too.

We received the samples last week, and they are really shiny and smooth. We must be a tactile bunch, but that's what excited us the most, no matt colours, just shine! And such a practical size too.

We've got the 8 brick size lunch box, and the smaller snack size bricks (in a four and an eight) coming too in a variety of colours. So you can put some raisins or chopped up fruit, or other snacks in the little snack sized bricks.  Sandwiches in the larger size and obviously your drink in the lego man.
Spike and King Julien both can't wait for the delivery to arrive tomorrow on the pallet!

Plus we've the bottles coming too! So do check the Lunchbox World shop to see the full range! These have also recently featured on the Gadget Show, so they are literally hot off the press. You could even use them for an Easter Egg hunt too.

These make great gifts any time of year, and you know what, I might have the bright pink fuschia one for myself!

Let us know what you think

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The Lunchbox World Team x

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