Finish Quantumatic - The Verdict

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.... get on with it!

OK, so if you've been following the blog,this is just what you have been waiting for.
If you have just joined us, do follow the whole Finish Quantumatic adventure / story.

So, what do we actually think?
Our trial was to use the Finish Quantumatic Gadget for the full 12 washes and reach our verdict.
In case you have no idea what it looks like, here it is:

You get the gadget plus the 12 wash refill in the pack.
Well, we have put it to the test, thought up all sorts of challenges to see if it really does perform, took part in the photoshoot involving 2 dishwasher loads of dirty dishes and loads more.  On reflection, I would say I am alot more confident overall in the capabilities of the Finish Quantumatic as a dishwasher detergent, when I think back to some of the dishwasher tablets I have bought in the past.  The number of times, I have to re-wash certain items, or be extra vigilent in cleaning out the filter, but this time, with the Finish Quantumatic in situ I have been alot more laid back. OK I was very nervous at the start, had I put it in right and so on, but as the days unfolded, you do get more confident in the new friend, the gadget!

So, to summarise the results:

What's good about it?

What's bad about it?
What do the other members of the Jury say?

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and remember the experts at Which awarded it the "Best Buy Dishwasher Detergents March 2011" and they are pretty clever people with white coats.

What's more, Finish are offering a £5 off voucher, so why not give it a trial yourself and you can decide yourself if it's worth the extra.  Follow the link to register for the money off voucher.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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