Finish Quantumatic - The Photoshoot #2

As you know we were asked to be part of the Finish Quantumatic jury a few weeks back, when we trialled out the gadget, aka Finish Quantumatic. We promised we would let you know when you could see the photos from the photoshoot live.
Well, here we go... me and the brood baking away one Sunday morning...

Finish now have their microsite live and we are luckily top of the pile! You can read how all the other members of the jury got on, and see all their photos too.

We unfortunately have a load of dishwasher tablets still to use up before we return to using the gadget, as our initial supply of Finish Quantumatic has run out.
But we must let you know, we are hurrying through our supply as fast as we can, so we can return to that heady state of dishwasher delight: of coming down in the morning, sunglasses perched on our noses, to the thrill of opening up that dishwasher once again with our friend, the gadget in situ and all our crockery, lunch boxes, pots, pans and the like, all glistening with that extra sparkle, and that extra squeaky clean touch!

Just to make you giggle:
You know what happened the first night we returned to tablets, we almost, I say almost forgot to pop in a dishwasher tablet! The dishwasher was already mid-cycle before I remembered "Eek! no gadget and no tablet!"  "Quick!"

You may also have been lucky enought to catch the Finish TV ad, with a reminder of that £5 off voucher you can print off, so you can then trial out the product yourself.  So what are you waiting for? Grab the voucher and find out what the results really are like. Do remember though, the results improve with each wash! So do have your sunglasses at the ready!

If you've trialled the Finish Quantumatic already, do post up your comments as to how you got on with it. We love hearing from you!
Thanks for stopping by!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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