Brand New Facebook Page for Lunchbox World! What do you think?

At last, after much deliberation, and back and forth tweeking and perfecting, just last night the brand new Lunchbox World facebook page went live!  Yeah!

Above there's an image of our new profile for the Lunchbox World page, just so you can familiarise yourself and recognise it instantly! So go on have a look and tell us what you think!
We tried to make the facebook page as interactive as possible, so please go and "like" the page. It'll help you keep up-to-date with all our latest lunch box news, and it'll help us grow our fan club!

Plus we've the twitter ID too @lunchboxworld, so if you prefer to tweet or if you like both Facebook and twitter, why not follow us on twitter too.
If you've any feedback, or if you fancy sharing your lunch box ideas with us, go and post them on our wall

So, back to the Easter hols. What's been happening? Well, today the brood baked the Easter Egg cookies. ("At last!" you might say. "You've been promising these all week!") Well, this afternoon, just as the sun was starting to go behind the trees, so it was getting cooler inside the house, we, well it was actually mainly Tuna, baked up a batch of cookies.
We used the delicious love heart shaped biscuits from Losely recipe from the Lunchbox World recipe section, which we've used before (on the Finish Quantumatic photoshoot, see earlier post) but this time,to make it more festive, we used an Easter Egg shaped cutter. And tomorrow we plan to ice them and embellish them, all ready for giving to Aunties, Uncles and of course Granny on Easter Sunday, when we all get together to celebrate Easter Sunday.

So fingers crossed they're worthy of photographing! Pop back late tomorrow and we should have posted the photos!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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