Are you ready for the Easter Bunny?

We're on countdown in our family to Easter Sunday. One week to go, baskets now at the ready!

Doing my usual speed-shop in the week, like a mad woman on a mission, I was on the look out for a bucket, container, possibly basket that could be used for the imminent Easter egg hunt. In past years we've made our own out of card, or used a tin bucket and embellished it. But having searched the cupboards, and looked high and low, could not put my hands on them.  Key criteria: not girlie, it's for the two boys. Tuna still has her enormous basket from yesteryear, that just needs a facelift, or rather fresh embellishment, now she is just days off becoming a teenager!
So dashing in and out of the charity shops whilst the brood were tucked away at tennis camp, I successfully managed to find some plain / blank baskets in our local card shop, of all places.  Once home, I got out all the craft bits on Friday afternoon at the ready, so the brood could get cracking and embellish them this weekend, getting their baskets all ready for the grand Easter Egg Hunt next weekend!  (Anything to minimise the "screen time" that seems to be on the up and up this holidays!)

So just with a collection of ribbons, coloured feathers, stickers, foam cutouts, pipe cleaners, glue and a bit of imagination, this is what they have created!
Each and every one unique, named (of course) and ready for filling.  Let's hope they won't be disappointed!

If you're keen to make something similar for your brood, you've still got time. Alphabet stickers, number stickers and wooden shapes all from Baker Ross, the online place for craft, but you'd have to order quickly, to make sure they arrive by Thursday, or pop down to your local craft or art shop, or use whatever odds and ends you have.

If you've no time to spare, then why not take a look at the Blafre tins we stock at Lunchbox World.

New from Norway, these Blafre tins (we have 3 sizes - small, rectangular and lunch box size) could easily be filled with goodies, and the tins can then be re-used afterwards.  

Take a look at the lunch box tins we stock in the Blafre range here

If baking is more your thing, we've some great Easter and Spring recipe ideas in our Recipe section on the Lunchbox World website.  They are great fun to make and can even be given as a gift or just put on display!

If you're heading out on a mini picnic, check out our Easter round up of lunch box ideas here

This week we've bought some Easter Egg cookie cutters from our local specialist Kitchen / Cook shop for £1 each, so we'll be baking up a batch of cookies, cut them out as Easter Egg shaped cookies and embellish them with mini eggs, shoelaces (the sweet variety) and lots of sprinkles!!  Now the kids are older, we can do more intricate activities as we run up to Easter. We're really lucky this year that they broke up so early. Last year, there was no run-up, so at least the anticipation can build along with the excitement!

So check back later in the week when these cookies get posted up.

Thanks for stopping by and if you've any Easter ideas, do share. We love to hear from you!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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