Wanting to put some more fun in your lunch box? Tips on how to Red Nose your lunch box

As the nation counts down to Red Nose Day, at Lunchbox Towers, we thought, let's do a quick round up of fun for your lunch box, where you can also raise money at the same time for Comic Relief.
(In case you've been away on another planet, Red Nose Day is 18 March - yep, this coming Friday!)

Every little bit helps, even just buying the red nose for £1, 70p out of the £1 goes to Comic Relief. If everyone does a bit, it all adds up. Our family favourite is The Giggler, it costs just £3, is as big as your fist, and you just bash him and he giggles away. The laugh is quite infectious actually, unless you are the fairly absent husband of course, everything seems to irritate him these days...

Over the past week, however, we have had some wierd looks in the Post Office.  King Julien had snuck his Giggler in his coat pocket after school into the Post Office and bashed it whilst we waited in the never ending queue.  Everyone in the queue could hear this uncontrollable laughter giggling away, they all looked to one another, thinking to themselves, "are you going to answer that damn mobile - what a dreadful ring tone... " yet no-one made a move. It then stopped as abruptedly as it had started. He then waited a while, then bashed it again, secretly smiled to himself and repeated the whole process again, just for his own personal giggle, I suppose!

Anyway, to read the latest news feature, click here to go to Lunchbox World website.

Don't feel you have to wait until Friday though, why not make it a fun week and have some kind of Red Nose treat in your lunch box each day. It doesn't have to be sweet, there's lots of fun stuff you can do with the savoury items (but if it is for school, it could well be seriously frowned upon if there's lots of chocolate in there!) so get creative with a Babybel, or try the recipes in our Recipe Section, and why not post your favourites on the Lunchbox World facebook page - make your own Red Nose Day sandwich perhaps? Decorate a tomato or make a Red Nose cupcake!

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