TUMTUM Out and About Trainee range - great for little ones heading off to nursery this spring!

If you have a little one heading off to nursery soon, take a look at this cute range TUMTUM we now stock at Lunchbox World.
It's designed by adults for kids that are in training and obviously thinking of their TUMTUM! There's the cute lunch bag that has a slot on the back where you can insert a photo of the little one, so they can easily spot their lunch bag in the cloakroom or on the trolley! (Not yet able to read their own name, it's a great way for them to feel proud of their possessions and be able to spot them!)
There are also the tiny snack pots that come in a pack of four, ideal for sandwiches, grapes or other finger foods to keep them going until home time.
We also have the trainee beaker with fun beach / seaside design, so great for both boys and girls when out and about.
In addition, if you do want them to take in a little pasta salad as they've had enough of bread, we have the trainee cutlery that comes in its own handy travel case, so they can keep their lunch bag clean after lunch. The cutlery set comes with the grippy handles that can be removed, once they've mastered cutlery! This set of cutlery has also been designed to help with eating not hinder.
A great tip, is to buy the items they'll need for nursery in advance and have a couple of fun lunches at home when you can pretend you're at nursery already, and they can try out all the new kit, and get used to the idea over a couple of lunchtimes.
Alternatively you could even just set up a picnic on the lounge floor, even invite the teddies to lunch too and have a teddy bear's picnic.
There's lots of fun to be had, but we really think this is a fun range for littlies.
If your littlie has got bigger, we've also loads of choice for the rising fives and beyond, heading off to school, so do check out the Lunchbox World website as we have loads more stock arriving this Spring!
Thanks again for stopping by.
The Lunchbox World Team x

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