OMG "Woman of the Week" no less! Lunchbox World - Caroline Job

I am in shock! I hardly believe it!
I have been chosen as Woman of the Week on Enterprising Women's website.
I'm on their home page.
To take a peak, just follow the link:

Not so long ago I became a member of Enterprising Women, as I am keen to gather as much advice, support as I can whilst building the online business, Lunchbox World.
There is no way we can all be marvelous at every aspect of the business, and I know I do have weaker areas. So, I joined thinking maybe there would be some extra help and advice out there, or perhaps I would discover a like-minded group where we can just bounce around some ideas, and then learn from one another.

As we all know, life in the 21st century has got really really busy. Juggling family life, a growing business and of course remembering I have a husband once in a while is not that easy. At times it is a huge challenge what with the kids' homework, 11+ looming this year, as well as trying to keep harmony in our household....
Plus being the Lunchbox Lady the pressure is on with the daily lunchboxes, let's face it. The brood must eat the healthy lunch that the Lunchbox Lady makes for sure! (Or maybe it is just me that piles the pressure on!) So I find myself, rising earlier each day, in an attempt to create that amazing lunch box for the kids!

So, back to the story, what was waiting in my inbox Monday morning, but an email from Enterprising Women saying they would love me to be Woman of the Week!
I am absolutely chuffed to bits.
Thanks Enterprising Women!
It's given me a huge huge boost.

The Lunchbox Lady x
Lunchbox World

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