Happy New Year! New! New! and New!

Firstly Happy New Year to you all!

And a big thank you for all your support and here's to a FAB 2011!

So do keep an eye out for all the changes at Lunchbox World that are planned for 2011, it's all terribly exciting!

So first up: New Lunchbox World Competition!

The New Year kicked off with a brand new competition to help you all stick to your New Year's Resolutions - how to keep that lunch healthy, whether it is a quick lunch or packed for a lunch box! I know it is on the tip of your tongue! Healthy eating, or diet, or getting fit does appear to be on most people's lists. All good intentions and so on!

So, ten lucky readers will win themselves a copy of Lucy's Food, a really good cookbook, full of recipes for any occasion, with lots of lovely photos to help get you inspired! To enter the competition, it's simple - go to Lunchbox World and click on the lucky ladybird, answer the question and agree to sign up to the newsletter. That's it.

Competition closes on 31 January 2010.

New! - New Crocodile Creek Lunch bags arrived at Lunchbox World Shop!

After many months of chasing the UK distributor we at long last can say the shy dinosaur has at last come out of its shell! We have received our first shipment of the Dinosaur Kingdom lunch bag, which King Julien (the youngest of the brood) has been waiting for!

Being a lover of anything dinosaur, King Julien will be skipping around the house tonight, when he comes home from school and realises the Dino Kingdom lunch bag has at last arrived! We have had many months of turbulent emotions with each delivery that has arrived at Lunchbox Towers : the initial excitement and lit up face of a new delivery, followed by long faces, when the boxes are unpacked, and the realisation hit home that still no Dinosaur Kingdom lunch bag was in that particular shipment...

Anyway, those days are behind us! Hoorah!

So Monday morning will come, and with a spring in his step, King Julien will head off for school, bright and early, grinning from ear to ear, head held high, armed with his Dinosaur Kingdom lunch bag in one hand, stuffed full with a hearty lunch, big enough for any dinosaur!

New designs in Crocodile Creek!

We've also received some new designs in the latest lunch bag shipment from Crocodile Creek, after popular demand. We now stock the vehicles / truck designs for all boys out there that love cars, diggers, or anything with an engine!

More New Lunch bags arriving this month!

Do keep an eye out for updates on both our facebook page Lunchbox World and twitter to keep abreast of all the new stock that is heading our way as we expand our lunch box range, offering you more choice when it comes to lunch boxes, lunch bags and picnic gear! After all, we are Lunchbox World and our aim is to offer you a great range, high quality products, and excellent customer service, backed with lots of inspiration, recipes, tips and hints!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

Lunchbox World

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