Latest Lunchbox World Competition: 5 Lucky Winners to win Bundle of BACO goodies!

Competition to win Baco bundle of goodies!
This month we've teamed up with the Baco people for our latest competition at Lunchbox World!

Over the summer months, we've been putting loads of delicious recipes onto the Lunchbox World website, with lots of wraps, an exciting alternative to the sandwich, and felt it was time we found a clingfilm that really worked.

Our best tip for transporting a wrap so as to keep the contents intact until lunchtime, is to wrap the wrap in clingfilm, then transport in your lunch box, inside your insulated lunch bag, keeping it looking fresh, safe and looking its best until you are ready to eat it!
However, I am sure we have all experienced those irritations and frustrations when using regular clingfilm? The scratching at the tube, trying to find the end, then slowly peeling it back to find it's ripped, and then full of static, clings to itself...
Well those days are now behind us. The clever people at Baco have just launched their brand new Baco EasyCut Clingfilm Dispenser!! It really does work!

We even have a video link so you can see the nifty Baco EasyCut Clingfilm Dispenser in action!

If you are as excited about this as we are, then don't delay and enter the Lunchbox World competition today! There is a whole bundle of BACO goodies on offer, to further whet your appetite.

Standard terms and conditions apply and are all available to see on the Lunchbox World website. Check out Prizefinder site too.

Brand New Lunchbox World Shop!

Meanwhile we have more exciting news to share with you!! Our brand new Lunchbox World Shop is now live and taking orders! Really easy to navigate, and with a wide range of lunch boxes, lunch bags and other lunch gear on offer, we cater for all ages: from pre-schoolers to school age kids, independent teenagers through to adults, so are sure to have something to suit all tastes!
The shop is also totally secure, so not only are we bringing you a range of gifts that are not readily available on the high street into the comfort of your home, but we are also giving you total peace of mind when shopping with us. We accept all major credit cards, paypal and aim to turn around all orders as fast as efficiently as we can!
We look forward to welcoming you in our fresh new shop!

Thanks for reading!
The Lunchbox World Team x
Lunchbox World

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