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Half way through August, and we are well into the Summer Holidays, and with Picnic Week upon us, we wanted to share our latest lunchbox and picnic recipes with you.
This recipe image below is so colourful, it just gets the tastebuds going, just looking at it! It is the Tuscan Style Bread Salad. We love olives in our household, but if you are not so keen, you can always leave them out.

Some of us have managed to escape the rain, and venture off to warmer climes, but for those of us still in the UK, this week has not been the warmest, but at least today we are seeing some sun. So to make the most of these rays of sunshine, we have some fresh and exciting picnic recipes to share with you.

Visit the Lunchbox World Recipe section and browse through the recipes and see whatever takes your fancy. We try and make sure all the recipes are quick and easy to make and transportable, so you see, you can make them, then take the goodies on an inpromptu picnic. I would advise taking a flask of tea or coffee or even delicious home made soup with you, just in case it clouds over and you need to warm yourselves up!

If you have any favourite recipes you would like to share with us, do send them in, with a good quality image, and we will add them. Send them to hello at
Thanks for reading and speak soon!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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