New Competition - Win a supply of Panda Cherry Licorice plus 12 runner up prizes!

For all you licorice lovers out there, this is the competition for you! There is a box of 12 packs of Panda Cherry Flavour Licorice to be won by ONE lucky reader, plus 12 runners up prizes of one bag of Cherry Flavour Licorice.

But don't think of hard licorice, full of nasties, no! Panda licorice has no nasties, is deliciously soft and full of flavour. The new cherry flavour licorice has real cherry fruit puree that is added to the mix.

Sold in healthfood shops, it must be a healthier snack? Even licorice devotees including Madonna and Anne Hathaway and Tom Hanks can't be wrong! Plus the Chinese have considered licorice to be great as a detoxifier and for relieving stress! Maybe I should try some or give some to the hubbie. That might sort him out!

To enter the competition, just go to the Competition page on the Lunchbox World website, carefully read the blurb and answer the question.
Plus, don't forget it is Love Licorice Day on 10 May, so you can chew away on your guilt-free tasty snack and think "I just love licorice!"

So this is another alternative healthier snack to add to your lunch box, or have as a treat. We'll be also reviewing other guilt-free nibbles on the Lunchbox World website, so do check back. This will included Whitworth's Nibl range, and Weightwatcher's mini cookies, also great for adding to your lunch box! (Each mini cookie mini bag counts as 1 1/2 points!)
Good luck!
The Lunchbox World Team xxx
ps You can always find our competitions directly on Prizefinder.

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