New Year! New Resolutions!

Happy New Year to you all!

Sorry it has been a while in between postings. What with the snow, Christmas, and then more snow just as the kids were getting back to school, time has just flown by. The kids are chuffed but I know it is all wearing a little thin for the mothers!

We have been incredibly busy with orders and more orders for lunchboxes and lunchbags at our Online store, and this is continuing in to the New Year! So thank you all for your custom! We really appreciate it and work hard to provide the high level of service to our customers, by shipping product often within 24 hours of receipt of the order, if this is possible.
With the current weather though, it is not always within our control as to whether the postman will make the collections or indeed make the deliveries. I know at our home address, we have had very few deliveries this week, so therefore little post!

With lunchbox products for everyone, whether you are looking for a lunchbag to help you stick to your new healthier regime at work, or whether it is for kids in need of a new lunchbag, we are always looking to further enhance our range. In the coming weeks we are expanding our range at the Lunchbox World online store, with new stock arriving including picnic gear and more gadgets ideal for lunch and snacking on the go.
So do keep checking back! We will of course post it on the blog just as soon as the goods arrive to be sure you are kept uptodate with the latest developments at Lunchbox World!

So, as I mentioned, we have all had to embrace another week of the kids under our feet! (what bliss!) We are already receiving emails that this may continue into next week too. So the challenge in our household, which may well ring true in some other households up and down the country is this:
how to juggle looking after the kids, with working from home?
OK, we have a laptop or a computer and can continue to do soundbites as we go, encourage the kids to play in the snow outside whilst we get some work done. But sooner or later they get cold, and have to come in, then there are the mealtimes and basically life has to carry on. Also what happens when your child at secondary school needs access to the computer too as the school send repeated emails with updates to homework / snow work that is posted up on the VLE - (virtual learning education). Something that is totally new to us! So much of the homework is now online, from Maths to Literacy to French, to Latin.
So one issue is how to juggle the childcare when unexpectedly the school are off, but the other issue is how to get them focussed and keep them concentrating on the homework, stopping them from getting distracted by Facebook and Instant Messenger, and just stick to the school work in hand and get it done, so you can get back on the computer and do your own work?
Any advice gratefully received!

To top that, at home we were without heating for 6 days just in time for the snow's arrival last weekend.
A Winter Wonderland when you looked outside the windows, but inside the house, it was doubling up as an igloo, dropping to a temperature of +6 degrees at night! Brrr!
With just an electric heater borrowed from the neighbours, we were a sorry bunch, huddling in the kitchen, making excuses to bake cookies in order to have the oven on to provide additional warmth, and the only other "warm room" had a flame effect fire in the lounge, that really was just for aesthetic effect! So instead of the normal lunch on the run, we spent more time cooking and preparing the meals, using the oven and hob for maximum effect, baking when otherwise we would be rushing from one after school activity to the next.
So there are some pluses for having the kids off school and enjoying some of the simple pleasures of just playing outside in the snow, making snow angels, experiencing the snow falling, and making a stock of snowballs and a snow fort to then hurl snowballs at your brother for hours on end!

Thanks for reading!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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