New stock just arrived at Lunchbox World @Amazon

A while back I blogged we had new stock arriving at the Lunchbox World Online store, just in time for Christmas shopping: first arrived the Stephen Joseph and Jomoval ranges, full of vibrant colours and designs for kids (both pre-school and primary school age).

Then came some more of the Built NY, a range that is made of neoprene (the wet suit fabric) so they can be washed in the machine, and come out like new time after time. Most recently we had the hugely popular Tyrrell Katz range and just in is this new Built NY design below:

This new design, the New Shadow Flower design has literally just arrived at Lunchbox World Online Store! So if you are looking for that something a little bit different, whether it is a gift for you, or someone else, do take a look at our full range at Lunchbox World Online Store. We have an ever increasing range of lunchtime gifts for everyone, whether you are at work, school or play.

At this time of year, it is particularly challenging finding new lunchboxes as all the stores have taken anything like this off the shelf, making way for Christmas goodies! We at Lunchbox World though, make sure we have stock all year round, so that whenever you need a new lunchbox, we have it covered, and we offer you the choice.

Another great popular present for someone who has everything and just happens to love bananas, (particularly when they are blemish free and just perfect) are the Banana Guards. These are great for anyone who wants a banana on the go, as they really do protect them until you are ready to eat them. No-one likes squashed or squished bananas! Yuck! So with a banana guard, you can be more sure they will be eaten when they are at their best. And let's not forget bananas are great if we are doing sport as well, a quick snack, that will give us that quick boost of energy.

We have everything in stock right now, but as we speak, things are selling really well, so don't delay! Last date for ordering to make sure you get the goodies arriving before Christmas is 20th December 2009. After this date, we will do our utmost, but cannot guarantee it. It will then be in the hands of the Post Office! (All our orders ship first class as standard).

For those of you that prefer to shop on ebay, and we now realise there are folks that like shopping on Amazon and there are folks that like to shop on Ebay, we now have both!

This month saw the opening of our Ebay store, also called Lunchbox World !

So do take a look and you never know, you may just find what you are looking for.

Meanwhile back on the Lunchbox World website we are working away hard, (in between parceling up orders and running to the post office!), working on updating the site with lots more recipes, tips, hints and ideas, so we can really kick off the New Year with lots of inspiring ideas for you!

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments, do leave us your posting below.

The Lunchbox World Team x

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